How can we reconnect future generations with their inner instincts of creative thinking when society increasingly depends on digital technology?

Ancient Wisdom:
The Other art school is an innovative project that seeks to reconnect the next generation with their inner instincts of creative thinking amidst our highly digitised world. This initiative addresses a critical question: how can we help future generations reclaim their innate creativity when society increasingly depends on digital technology? As we evolve into a culture of digital processors, children are particularly susceptible to the allure of screens, often inundated with mind-numbing material. This overexposure can stifle their creativity and curiosity, replacing it with passive consumption.

The project draws inspiration from the ancient Greek concept of skholē (σχολή), which originally signified ‘leisure’ or ‘free time’ and was highly valued for intellectual and philosophical pursuits. The Other Art School reimagines this concept in a contemporary context, offering a “school” that doesn’t teach anything in the traditional sense. There are no buildings, paperwork, or terms, and no conditions imposed on the participants. Instead, it creates a potential space for any child, anywhere, to access weekly guided inspiration and daily encouragement.

Potentiated Creativity:
The Other Art School operates through a simple yet effective email format, delivering thoughtfully curated materials directly to parents’ inboxes. These materials are designed not only to inspire creativity but also to help parents and children develop a healthy, regulated relationship with technology. By reframing the screen as a medium or tool for creative inspiration rather than a source of addictive content, the project aims to transform how children interact with the digital world.

This approach, termed “potentiated creativity,” enables children to define their creative terms, pursue their impulses and visions, and flourish in an environment that supports their natural creative instincts. The stories and activities provided capture the diverse wonders of the world, encouraging deep creativity and curiosity. This nurturing of creativity helps children build more meaningful relationships with digital mediums, turning screens from a source of distraction into a gateway for exploration and learning.

In essence, The Other Art School is about reviving the foundational principles of skholē in today’s digital age. It empowers children to reconnect with their creative instincts, fostering a sense of intellectual leisure that is essential for personal growth and development. Through this innovative project, the creators aim to cultivate a generation of thinkers and creators who can navigate and thrive in the digital landscape with wisdom and creativity.

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Client: BoARD
Date: 2024
Location: Worldwide