Art School Thinking

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for art schools and institutions

Art School Thinking is the unique and rebellious philosophy that underpins our deepest modes of exploration and innovation.

It is the tool of our most pioneering minds, those that can genuinely envision the profanities of challenges while conjuring and often creating the most unimagined responses along the way.

Unimagined philosophies…

Workshops for art schools and institutions nurturing tomorrow’s artistic minds. We explore the uncommon philosophies and ways of thinking unique to the art school, which can be of priceless benefit to all aspects of life, from personal exploration to societal change.

We’ll zoom out, take stock of our emerging purpose as artists, and the prospect of what the unimagined can do for humanity and our planet as a whole.

Ryan Board

Art School Thinking is an ongoing project being developed by artist and experiential designer Ryan Board. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in the late 90’s winning the Mercury Art Prize, he’s applied his artistic approach to a rollercoaster of applications and projects spanning two decades.

He’s created furniture, interiors and sets for celebrity hypnotists, fashion stores and photo shoots, designed events and happenings for big brands, produced installations for institutions including Tate, Hayward Gallery, ICA, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao and Serpentine Galleries, and developed countless artworks for artists including Yoko Ono, John Bock and Haim Steinbach. He also established a leading production company, a creative think tank, an app for connecting ‘project people’ and numerous creative studios everywhere from Brick Lane to Berlin to Barcelona.

Building on this journey of exploration and his proximity to the most far-reaching modes of creativity, Ryan has developed a distinct sense for how the unique ‘ways of thinking’ found only in art schools, can be applied to our most unresolvable ‘real world’ predicaments.

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We are currently scheduling our first year of AST workshops to tour the UK. Dates are limited, so if you are an art school, university or institution and want to know more, drop us a line.