How can we fuse our insights from experiential design, deep creativity, and punk innovation with recent advances in technology to fuel a trajectory toward a net-collective consciousness and positive and positive collective efforts?

Psycho-ontological Transformation (PoT).
PoT represents a monumental shift in one’s understanding of self and reality. It delves into the profound depths of human consciousness and existence, propelling an exploration of self and the often uncharted territory of ontology. In doing this, the wider project aims to explore ways of cultivating a form of net-collective consciousness. This is not a utopian pipe dream but a fundamental necessity for a balanced existence. It revolves around the notion of global interconnectedness, weaving a collective point of reference and understanding tangible, embodied, and shared values. This intercultural unity arises from recognising a shared humanity, fueling a trajectory toward net positive and global collective efforts.

The Cognition Project.
This is our big-picture research initiative that combines advances in experiential design with emerging technologies to explore methods of stimulating profound psycho-ontological transformation—a pursuit that has remained elusive since the 16th century. This transformation is orchestrated through transformative experiences that awaken and trigger moments of enlightenment in individuals, stimulating phenomena such as the ‘overview effect’ or achieving ‘necessary distance’ from entrenched perspectives.

Instruments and interventions.
We are currently working on a collection of six experiential instruments and interventions which are now ready to be prototyped ideally in collaboration with various specialist manufacturers and partners. We are particularly interested in working with specialists in the fields of sculptural furniture, upholstery, wireless audio equipment, space exploration, bespoke engineering and robotics programs.

The Cognition Project

Client: BoARD
Date: ongoing
Location: Worldwide