Mentoring for artists & creative minds

For those who are ready to explore the deeper levels of their creativity

Unlike conventional art tutoring

I help individuals understand where their creativity resides in the world and the reasons behind their inspirations or impulses to pursue their work.

Our focus lies in a journey of exploration and unearthing untapped potential, which is crucial for keeping practices alive and nurturing a positive creative existence.

I share my experience,

A background working intimately with artists, museums, and brands in developing exhibitions, establishing production studios across Europe, and lecturing at leading art institutions. I’ve experienced success, but also learnt to embrace the failures.

my interests,

My interests circle around transformative art, critical thinking, philosophy, and positive outcomes. In my own work, I focus on intercultural practice, ontology, and immersive experiences.

I also advocate for neurodiversity and awareness of mental health within the artistic community.

and areas of expertise.

Creative exploration and concept ideation, studio practice, contemporary art, experiential installations, design & development of art projects and exhibitions, carpentry, fabrication & technical production.

Want to explore?

Establishing a connection with the right mentor is key. Feel free to reach out so we can say hi and explore together if my art mentoring is a good match for you.

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