Experiential science,
punk innovation,
profound transformation

An introduction to my work…

Ancient practices, evocative gestaltism, an unenviable background, a distinct focus, undefined territory, perceptual shifts, transformative exploration, emerging access, ontological existence, triggering moments, undiscovered perspectives, capturing comprehensions, a profound opportunity.

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Yoko Ono – Amaze
Design & production of a full-size interactive acrylic labyrinth and touring exhibition for Serpentine Galleries

Unapologetic energy, rebellious conviction, a relentless drive, embodied spirit, expressive approach, transformative chaos, anarchic problem-solving, riots of radical creativity, unorthodox perspectives, confronting stagnation, transcending conventions, embracing messiness, forever pulsing, authentically bold.

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Datum v1.0 – 2022
A cocooned chair that rotates silently throughout the day, fixed on the Lagrange Points located approximately 1.5 million kilometres away from Earth.

The origins of storytelling, the ultimate key, a different mindset, a new way of thinking, a net-collective consciousness, astronauts, necessary distance, holistic reconnection, an invitation for introspection, sublime transformation, deep shifts, uncharted realms, profound magic, harmonious rendition, a fundamental requirement.

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