Reimagining what sleep can look like in the centre of London

Sleep is one of the most essential needs for health and effective waking cognition. Without good sleep, we are compromised, stunting creativity and more. Yet, it remains one of our greatest mysteries: What do we do, and where does our subconscious really go during sleep?

In a bustling metropolis like London, sleep is often compromised by busyness, time constraints, and technology. We are constantly exploring ideas that bring us closer to understanding profound psycho-ontological transformations, and the Sleep Capsule is a step in that mission.

Imagine combining the design features of a private jet and a space station into a compact sleep capsule. That’s what we did. Now, envision entering a space far different from the traditional ‘bedroom’: a human-sized capsule designed entirely for sleep. What happens when we allow ourselves to experience the sensation of orbiting our planet during these precious hours?

Sleep Capsule is an early prototype exploring these ideas. We are now seeking opportunities to advance this project to its next phase and trial it in public spaces.

Ryan_Board_Design_Sleep_Capsule_Interior design

Photography: Christopher Kennedy

Sleep Capsule

Client: Private commission
Date: 2020
Location: London