Semiotic Constipation

A proposed methodology to liberate antiquated linguistics, spurring more fluid collaborative understanding


We exist in a reality of exponential complexity. While images, graphics, films, sounds, and art all have their place in expressing ideas, none is more prolific, abundant, and widely accepted as semiotics—the written and phonic words we assemble to convey human interpretation of everything we experience.

However ingenious the linguistic logic and etymologies of Latin, the limitations in communication are finite and constricted. This has led to a trench of misrepresentation, abbreviation, and what I experience as parsimonious depictions. In other words, our existing palette of semiotics forever falls short of fully representing the precision in what we want to describe.

Couple this with the exponential complexity fueled by increasing volumes of innovation, population, diagnoses, analysis, data, and equally voluminous categorizations. We either reach for large clusters of words to convey some sense of precision, aka ‘riding the hyphen,’ or withdraw to lazy, parsimonious catch-all terms and shortcuts such as hashtags and placeholders like etcetera.

I’ve found myself resorting to ‘triples’ to convey, express, and give shape to my ideas in words—a technique I’ve begun relying on to get somewhat closer to reproducing an accurate picture in words for me, but no doubt highly autistic for anyone on the receiving end.

Of course, the future of embedded ideas coming down the track, such as the promise of generalized brain interfaces like Neuralink, is inevitable. Our current constipation of words, keyboards, and lexicons will become as antiquated as the letter-press. For now, I’m developing new word forms as needed with the assistance of AI.

Early examples

The structure and process are intentionally straightforward and based on the stability of three leg-words. For example:

Confuse with fucked intention – / con-fuc-ulate /

Future, farsight, perspective – / future-spective /

Commodification, consumption, capitalism – / comm-sumpt-alism /

Adoptable objectives

The objective is to develop easily adoptable terms…

…with natural flowing pronunciation
…with etymological roots
…ease of surface understanding

Of course, this is far from a complete science, rather a starting block, an initial scribble, an early idetimation.  As always, a work in progress.


Photo by Pier Monzon on Unsplash