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I help brands maximise customer engagement through impactful experiential marketing campaigns.

Slide 2. How I do it / my unique angle

I combine hypercreativity, contemporary art culture and meticulous planning/attention to detail to deliver strategies that will give your brand a significant competitive edge. 

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In the now unoriginal digital marketing world, where customers are overloaded with bland and unimaginative advertising, experiential marketing brings new opportunities to connect with customers on much deeper levels, resulting in truly impactful and longer-lasting brand engagement.

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Working with me…

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About me

I’m Ryan, and I’ve been playing in the creative space from the start. As a kid, I hid dreaming in the art room, to later jamming [at?] art shows with some of the world’s most radical artists, to inventing experiences at the core of blue chip tech.

I’ve been personally responsible for designing and delivering 100s of bespoke projects, brought together countless diverse teams, and produced installations for a huge array of spaces across Europe.

I’ve developed brand experiences for clients such as Microsoft, Nokia, Lenovo, scratched heads with pioneering artists such as Yoko Ono, John Bock and Heim Steinbach, and had the privilege of working within some of the world’s leading cultural institutions such as Guggenheim, Tate, Design Museum and the V&A. I’ve also workshopped at leading art schools, created two mini-mes, co-founded a liberating tech startup, founded creative studios, and instigated a handful illegal raves.

I work internationally. Like a spy, but not a spy.

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