Introducing Creativity…

Walk with me for ten minutes a day, develop your creative thinking over two weeks, and reconnect with your creative spirits for a lifetime!

“The Bear Grylls of creative exploration, Ryan is not your average guide on the artistic journey. Unlike one-off and hands-on workshops, his course is a thrilling expedition into the wild terrains of creativity that helps individuals understand and integrate creativity into everyday activities.”

(What our press release might say)

online course(s),
liberating creativity,
inspiring a nation,
and motivating exploration
through accessible learning

For those ready to explore…

Introducing Creativity is a structured course of twelve ‘subject session’ videos for adults ready to explore their creative intuitions, and in many cases, for the first time.

    • A structured course for a full two weeks

    • Videos and worksheets delivered via email

    • Every weekday morning

    • Direct to participant’s inbox

    • Plus bonus videos for weekend warriors (delivered on Saturday mornings)

    • Each week focussing on a specific theme,

    • Enhancing coherence between subjects

    • Facilitating a natural sense of creative progression

Week 1: ‘Introducing’

Introducing‘ gently introduces us to the course by initially contemplating the concept of creativity itself. We then connect with our innate curiosity, considering how to carve out time and space for our creative spirits. Following that, we explore methods for cultivating creative thinking and self-expression. For those interested in extending their journey into the weekend, the bonus material reintroduces us to our childhood instinct for “Play” as a vital tool for fostering creativity.

Introducing (ourselves to) creativity

In this video, we explore the concept of creativity and its relevance to our daily lives. We think about what creativity means, how it has evolved over time, and how it can enhance problem-solving and self-expression.

Introducing creative curiosity

Coming soon…

Introducing creative time (& space)

Coming soon…

Introducing creative expression

Coming soon…

Introducing creative thinking

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Introducing creative play

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Week 2: ‘Playing’

Playing builds upon the concepts introduced in week 1, encouraging creativity in playful contexts. We’ll stimulate our imagination, experiment with creative ideas and narratives, and explore the practical aspects of using play to create things, including putting our ideas onto paper. Ultimately, we’ll embrace exploration as a fundamental aspect of creativity.

Playing with creative imagination

Coming soon…

Playing with creative ideas

Coming soon…

Playing with creative stories

Coming soon…

Playing with creative making

Coming soon…

Playing with creative scribbles

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Playing with creative exploring

Coming soon…

*Bonus subject sessions are delivered on Fridays for those who wish to continue developing their skills through the weekend.

About the Coach

Introducing Creativity is the brainchild of artist Ryan Board. Since graduating from Central Saint Martins in the ’90s and winning the Mercury Art Prize, he has applied his creativity to a diverse range of applications and projects spanning two decades.

Ryan has created furniture collections, interiors, and sets for celebrity hypnotists, fashion stores, and photo shoots. He has collaborated with numerous artists, including Yoko Ono, John Bock, and Haim Steinbach, and produced multiple exhibitions for institutions such as Tate, Hayward Gallery, ICA, Guggenheim, and Serpentine Galleries. He has also designed remarkable product launches for a catalogue of big brands and conducted workshops and talks for renowned European art schools.

In addition, he established a leading London production company, founded a ‘creative think tank,’ developed an app for ‘connecting project people,’ and set up creative studios everywhere from Brick Lane to Berlin to Barcelona.

However, it hasn’t all been smooth. Alongside Ryan’s many creative endeavours, he has also experienced the rollercoaster of depression and, following the pandemic, homelessness. In 2022, he discovered that he was acutely Autistic and Dyslexic, which helped join the many dots.

Building on this ongoing journey of self-discovery, Ryan is now focused on developing research around creative intercultural practices and creative neurology through writing and his art projects and now helping others understand and connect with their creativity through online courses.

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